"Finally, I can speak my mind honestly"

Are you constantly facing conflicts, disputes, misunderstandings? Has your work life lost its harmony?

Maybe you are like Sophie? Sophie was sick and tired of her work life and an environment that led to conflict. She wanted to overcome her communication difficulties and speak with clarity and decisiveness.

We knew each other from a seminar and so Sophie was aware of my style of working and the lasting effects it can engender. She received my newsletter offer of one of my personality courses.

During the course, Sophie learned a lot about personality traits, their traps and their strengths, about the limitations and advantages of our core ego types. She courageously entered the lion’s den and delved in to her own processes.

In the course of our work together, she encountered inner resistance and strong fears. But, despite these, Sophie bravely worked through the exercises, overcoming her self-limiting voices. With great success she discovered her own strength, learning how to use it in a healthy and positive way.

A few weeks later she sent me the following e-mail:

„I have managed to address many difficult and for me uncomfortable things with different people. At the beginning, I was afraid. But through the interactions I realised that I receive positive reactions if I speak honestly! Now, I can communicate with confidence, clarity and passionately, and without storing up anger or frustration inside of me. The personality coaching made me realise so many things! The results were incredible and I am already looking forward to the next course!“

Sophie Baker, Employee