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Sustainable solutions for career issues,
start-ups, self-employment

Sustainable solutions for career issues,
start-ups, self-employment

When talking about work, virtually everyone is somehow dissatisfied and wants to make some improvements. And virtually everyone has the dilemma of how to go about making changes.

Use my tailor-made, profound coaching and mentoring, developed from over a decade of experience. It is individually and professionally tailored to you and your needs, so that you can earn more money with your skills – with more ease, more fun and more motivation.

business coaching success
  • More income with more joy and more ease
  • Consciously mastering professional changes
  • Know your abilities and use them purposefully
  • Step out of the rat race and enjoy earning money
  • Progress with clarity of your direction, your core competencies and your niche
  • Market more effectively
  • Resolve conflicts and create a more enjoyable working atmosphere
  • Experience joy, motivation, drive, good mood, feelings of success and satisfaction
  • Benefit from deep self-confidence and a solid appearance
  • More time for the important things in life

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Express Coaching

Boost yourself by gaining quick access to clarity and relief


The trailblazer for your professional success

Weiterführendes Coaching & Mentoring

Prerequisite: The 6-Step-Program

From the question to the action plan:

We discuss your starting point and your desired outcome.

Through my coaching you discover solutions to your current professional challenges.

We create an effective, individually tailored action plan for your next steps.

Comfortably from your own couch, or in person if geography allows.

Each appointment is in itself a complete session and results in practical steps you can take.

„I doubled my income“

Gina G., small business owner

„A new perspective for my marketing has opened up.“

Jacqui Beddos, business owner

„If you’re looking for focus and direction, this is it!“

Hannah Corr, business owner

„I am confident with who I want to be“

Beth Harris, student

„Finally, I can speak my mind honestly“

Sophie Baker, employee

„I can dream again - where I had never dared to dream before!“

Rob McGhee, employee and soon to be self-employed

Live your vocation and earn more money with more ease, more fun and more motivation.